Book as the best tool for learning

Book as the best tool for learning

Our Russian bookstore «Colibri» offers you a large assortment of Russian books for children of various ages. The main advantage of Russian literature is that it may serve as a great helper in learning this difficult language. Little children, as they begin to walk and talk, adore viewing beautiful and vivid pictures of cartoon characters printed on paper. Parents may use such interests of their children for educational purposes. The process of studying with the help of books and toys from our store passes without any difficulties. It happens because children are interested in the way they are taught. It’s quite easy to learn the alphabet, acquaint with Russian history and culture through interesting stories and pictures from Russian books in USA.

Wide range offered by our bookstore «Colibri» makes it easy to find your child’s beloved character, buy the book about his adventures and start generating knowledge with pleasure.

Our assortment of Russian books and wooden toys

Our Russian bookstore offers a variety of both Russian and foreign literature. We also sell textbooks and educational books which can help you to check your child’s knowledge of Russian language. There are special musical materials voiced by famous Russian writers and poets available in our bookstore.

We are happy to present you the wooden toys which are thought to be the classical entertainments for little children. They are cozy and comfortable to play with. Kids enjoy using them in their games since they are made of the natural material which always attracts attention. Wooden toys are pleasant to be touched and easy to be kept in small hands. Moreover, they develop basic motor skills which are particularly important for all kids. In the process of playing with wooden toys, children learn how to think, compare and observe. Well-known and universally loved characters such as Cheburashka, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Doctor Aibolit and others are perfect gifts for small children who like colorful toys.

The developing function is not the only one function of toys made of wood. Many years ago Russian nesting dolls were listed among the most popular gifts in the world. They served as adornments in houses. Nowadays beauties dressed in bright clothes remain to be perfect items for the decoration of children’s rooms. They catch attention and raise the spirits by their brightness.

Wooden toy from our Russian bookstore «Colibri» is one of the best presents which can be bought for a small child.


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